Die Casting for Agriculture Parts

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Agriculture Die Casting You Can Trust 

Your success? It’s make or break based on bringing highly complex, competitive products to market. And you can’t accept anything but consistent products that retain impeccable quality every time.

That means you need a die caster capable of taking on that challenge and delivering exactly what you need. No excuses. 

You need a partner with extensive engineering and Design for Manufacture and Assembly experience. A partner willing to help you go from design to completed run — with part number 10,000 coming up just as precisely as part number 1. 

We work with wide range of aluminum, magnesium and zinc die casting alloys based on the environment the parts will be used. Our team has great expertise in different areas such as design, tooling, die casting, finishing, and machining. Fill the form on your right, if you need to discuss your requirements with our team.

    The Simalex Approach for Agriculture

    We’ve worked with companies like JCB, Bobcat, Caterpillar. And John Deere. In fact, we’re one of the very select few North American producers who work with them, and thanks to a great relationship since 1991, our team is invited to sit with their engineering team on a quarterly basis.
    Working with Simalex, your engineers too can enjoy a close relationship with our team. With that kind of communication from design to production, you get a better result. Whether you need sturdy magnesium or lightweight aluminum alloy die casting parts, we guarantee an unparalleled quality to you.

    The Industrial Die Casting Experts for Agriculture

    We’d love to do business with you! We can handle runs large and small and are trusted by some heavy hitters in the die casting market.

    With up to a 300-tonne hot chamber capacity and 900-tonne cold chamber capacity, and a wide range of aluminum, magnesium, and zinc die casting alloys, we’re well-equipped to produce whatever your industrial activities require.

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    Got a project in mind? Whether you’re at a conceptual stage or you already know exactly what you want, whether it’s a large or a small run, get in contact with us. We can’t wait to hear about it!