Die Casting for the Lighting Parts 

Die casting

With new technologies hitting the scene all the time, it’s very exciting times for lighting designers. But designing parts for die casting might not be your forte.   

This is where you need a die casting partner experienced in design for manufacture to help bring your brilliant design concept to a fully functional production part.  

We are one of the leading lighting parts manufacturers in North America. At Simalex, we can deliver high-quality products for your specific lighting applications — whether you ask for aluminum, zinc or magnesium alloys. Our team offers you a comprehensive menu of die casting services for lighting parts — for both outdoor and indoor use. 

We have more than 50 years of experience in providing a wide range of die casting and related services to all industries. With this level of experience, you can trust us to develop the right lighting solution that matches your needs and budget. Our services include rapid prototyping, product designcustom toolingfinishing and machining depending on your project.  

Here’s what our die casting services for the lighting industry offers:  

  • Ability to configure parts into various shapes and sizes 
  • Ability to incorporate required features 
  • Manufacturing parts suitable for high-temperature lighting applications 
  • Customizing to accommodate the needs of low and high-volume manufacturing operations 
  • Precise high-pressure die casting for a wide range of lighting parts such as industrial lights, outdoor coach lights, sconce fixtures etc. 

    Let Simalex Be Your Die Casting Partner

    Lighting manufacturers understand the importance of cross-industry business opportunities — from smart architectural lighting and human-centric lighting to horticultural lighting, and so on. 

    As a diversified company ourselves, always focused on the end-user through our six decades of die casting work, we work with lighting companies to bring success no matter what your needs. And we can offer special access to die casting professionals to help throughout the entire process — concept to production. 

    For instance, we often suggest the use of aluminum alloys in the process of designing lighting enclosures and parts, mainly because aluminum parts are much less expensive. From a functionality perspective, aluminum die-cast parts weigh one-third less than steel parts —while these parts offer the strength and durability essential for any lighting fixture.

    Get in Touch with Your New Die Casting Lighting Partner

    Our die casting services for lighting parts extend well beyond manufacturing. The initial job of our team is to understand your unique requirements and then create custom parts that are perfectly suited to your applications. 

    If you’re worried about the quality? Let us assure you that we implement the most stringent quality-assurance measures for the best possible results. Our state-of-the-art plant features cutting-edge die-casting technology, ensuring our clients get fast and cost-effective die casting solutions.

    Do you have questions about die casting for lighting parts or need to work with specific alloys such as aluminum, magnesium or zinc die casting? Feel free to get in touch with our team for more information. We’ll also be happy to provide any details about our die casting process.



    Got a project in mind? Whether you’re at a conceptual stage or you already know exactly what you want, whether it’s a large or a small run, get in contact with us. We can’t wait to hear about it!