Quality Policy

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Simalex Quality Management Policy Statement

Simalex Manufacturing is committed to providing reliable and efficient products and services, maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level; whilst conforming to it long-term objectives, ISO 9001 standard, and statutory and regulatory requirements.

In order to achieve this, the Top Management promotes a fully integrated Management system which meets the Quality principles of:

  • Customer Focus;
  • Leadership;
  • Engagement of People;
  • Process Approach;
  • Continual Improvement;
  • Evidence based decision making; and
  • Relationship management.

Simalex will achieve these principles by

  • Understanding customer needs and expectation for products and services;
  • Focusing on creation of value for customers;
  • Ensuring a balanced approach among customers and other stake holders needs and expectation: then communicating these expectations through the organization;
  • Being proactive and leading by example;
  • Considering the needs of all stakeholders including customers, owners, suppliers, local communities;
  • Fostering clear, and open quality communication between staff, customers, and suppliers;
  • Establishing clear responsibilities, authorities and accountabilities;
  • Continually looking to improve efficiency and effectiveness of all processes and provide feedback to enable quality improvement to meet customer needs and expectations;
  • Communicating SMART quality objectives and establishing measures and goals to guide and track improvements;
  • Actively seek opportunities to make improvements and enhance competencies, knowledge and experience with the communication of quality awareness.

Simalex Top management ensures that this policy is communicated, understood, and implemented at all levels within the organization.