Zinc Die Casting Alloys

Custom Zinc Die Casting Services in North America 

From design concept to production and finishing, Simalex is a world leader in precision zinc die casting. Our clients range from heavy machinery manufacturers to medical devices, telecommunications and renewable energy companies.  

So far, Simalex has manufactured about millions of zinc die casting parts — of various sizes and shapes, ranging from one-hundredth of a gram to one kilogram in size.  

You can ask for the most intricate design specifications, and our team at Simalex ensures that you get the most accurate, well-structured and smooth finished product.  

We’re zinc die casting experts, and our team can handle all aspects from mould design and testing to zinc component manufacturing, finishing, and packaging.  

With up to 300-tonne cold chamber capacity, our team is well-equipped to produce castings for all your industrial activities.   

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    Zinc Die Castings for Every Industry

    Since its beginning, Simalex has evolved into a world-class leader in die casting. We’ve been utilizing our technological wherewithal and skilled professionals to manufacture high-quality zinc die castings for different industries.
    Zinc alloys have the broadest physical and mechanical properties. Our proprietary multi-slide die casting process and superior thin-wall capabilities make us the leading supplier of zinc metal castings for a broad range of consumer lighting devices. The castability of zinc, its wear resistance, and structural integrity are perfect for the creation of the multi-faceted, highly complex shapes used in railway and industrial products. Zinc alloys such as Zamak all use the hot chamber process, which allows for maximum casting speed.

    Advantages of Working with Zinc Alloy

    Zinc Alloys, including Zamak Series — No. 2,3,5, and 7 contains 4% aluminum and small amounts of magnesium to improve hardness and strength. According to experts, die-casters Zinc metal alloys are highly desirable for die casting parts. Characteristics that make zinc alloys extremely popular are:

    • High strength and stiffness 
    • Great electrical conductivity 
    • High thermal conductivity 
    • High dimensional accuracy and stability 
    • Great thin wall capability 
    • Ability to cold form, which eases joining 
    • High-quality finishing characteristics
    • Outstanding corrosion resistance 
    • Full recyclability 

    Zinc alloys are an ideal alternative to machined, pressed, stamped, and fabricated components. They allow for greater variation in section design and maintains dimensional tolerances better. 

    Why Choose Simalex for Zinc Die Casting?


    On-Time Delivery

    Across multiple industries and geographies, Simalex is trusted to deliver high volume precision components as and when clients need them. From humble beginnings, we’ve grown into the largest manufacturer of precision die casting parts in North America.


    Quality Every Time

    Our innovative die casting process ensures delivery of precision components at lower costs and with shorter lead times. Our value engineering approach ensures that our team provides solutions to service any industry with quality-assured parts to meets their demands.


    Custom Die Casting

    Our highly trained engineers deliver precisely what you need. All the parts are tailored to your requirements — if you can imagine it, we’ll create it for you. We take insights and expertise from our clients to design parts and refine the die casting process accordingly.


    Futuristic Approach

    With 50+ years of experience, we’re leaders in the field of die casting services in North America. Our team is committed to the future of die casting taking forward precision metal components — pioneering techniques and technologies that will redefine the industry.



    Got a project in mind? Whether you’re at a conceptual stage or you already know exactly what you want, whether it’s a large or a small run, get in contact with us. We can’t wait to hear about it!