Die Casting For The Construction Industry

Die casting

Do you belong to the construction industry and looking for custom metal parts? 

Die casting services are widely used in the building and construction industry. As the market demand soars for more homes and buildings, custom dies casting metal parts are in great demand. 

However, the big question is if every die caster can understand your unique requirement? 

At Simalex, we provide top-notch die casting services for the building and construction industry. Our team specializes in superior aluminum, zinc and magnesium alloy die casting for all types of parts typically used during construction. Our services include rapid prototyping, product designcustom toolingfinishing and machining depending on your project. 

Aluminum die casting is widely popular among several segments of the construction industry because of unique features like high strength and lightweight. The aluminum casts are commonly used for window frames and other glazed structures ranging from shop fronts to large roof superstructures for shopping centres and stadiums. Die-cast parts are also used for roofing, siding, and curtain walling, as well as for cast door handles.

    Advanced Die Casting for the Construction Industry

    With Simalex, you’re sure to get substantial savings. Our custom parts can provide functional improvements through new alloys. Also, you find new possibilities for optimized construction. You can use die casting for improving the appearance of the building, increasing its durability and providing valuable insulation properties.

    Also, our team offers highly advanced prototyping services. With prototyping, we can produce custom metal parts in days instead of weeks to help comply with the tightest production schedules. You can closely approximate the desired product features during the testing process.
    Simalex is known for stringent quality-assurance measures. This includes highly advanced quality/production planning and the use of high precision measuring equipment. So far, we have implemented several quality-control steps, including part qualification, variable and attribute control charting, part evaluation and random sampling. 

    Rest assured that our capable quality assurance team will closely monitor the entire process from start to finish. 

    Quality Die Casting for All Your Needs

    Our team at Simalex ensures the production of high-quality parts at affordable prices — especially use aluminum die casting alloys are available at cost-effective prices. Our die casting services for the construction can help you effectively manage your parts inventory. Consequently, you’re able to expand other areas of your operation or incorporate additional processes. Also, we can help you use your available resources with greater efficiency.
    If you want to learn more about how Simalex and how we can help you improve the quality of your services, contact us today. Our team is available to take up your queries, and you can learn more about our die casting services for different alloys — aluminum, magnesium and zinc. Get in touch with us today.  



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