At Simalex, we produce a variety of parts and essential components for different industries, and we pride ourselves in the versatility and accuracy of our parts. Recently, our production has seen a significant change due to the rising demand in medical ventilators for CoVid-19 patients in intensive care. Keep reading to see how we’re adapting to help during this time of crisis.

Simalex is an expert in die casting and our products are widely valued among customers across the manufacturing industry for their precision and fast production output: no other production mode allows for comparably high quality and quantity coupled with low production time.

Die casting is also unmatched in meeting the precision and repeatability necessary for medical devices. In response to the recent demand in ventilator parts, Simalex has switched production to supply one of our long-standing clients, Ventec, and (as of recently) their business partner General Motors with metal covers for their ventilator production line.

We’ve been working with Ventec for some time now, so when they reached out to us with the request for ventilator parts, we recognized the importance of these components as part of the immediate crisis response effort, and were quick to rearrange and prioritize our production streams to meet the new demand.

Then, Ventec partnered up with GM (who is also switching up their production to make ventilators instead) who has an even higher demand for numbers of parts. We’re currently supplying them with around 7-8,000 parts per month. And, with our parts, Ventec and GM will be able to produce several thousand ventilators per month to help cover the high demand.

We consider this move a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility and strongly encourage other companies across the continent to support the fight against CoVid-19. To help them, we want to support their production in the same way we’ve supported Ventec and GM. Please reach out to us if your production line relies on die cast parts and we will do whatever we can to help.

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